Erica's Table of 20


I have had the opportunity and blessing to  attend and also get invited to awesome events around the city. Comes  with the perks of being a blogger/influencer I guess you can say… but to  me it’s more of a blessing. 

I have had the amazing chance to meet  amazing people throughout my journey and hear their stories and even  share my process as well. The part I enjoy the most about this is the  inspiration I get from meeting and hearing stories from individuals such  as myself, that have started with very little but have worked to get to  where they are. 

Thank God for Houston Latina Bloggers when they reached out to me and asked if I could attend Erica’s Table  of 20. I said yes, didn’t really know what to expect and much about it  but looked at my calendar and saw I could make it! When I got there I  was AMAZED at how beautiful the set up of the “Table of 20” was and the  delicious menu. Erica literally strives to make her guests feel special,  she hand-picks 20 people to attend her table and invites an honoree to  be present to share their story and of course honor them for all the  work and time they have invested in not just themselves but others. In  this instance Erica Simon from ABC 13 was honored and shared her amazing  story! 

One of the very noticeable factors that  makes this ‘Table of 20″ special is the fact that they’re all different  and each guest invited are business minded individuals and professionals  that are striving for betterment in their own lives and others. 

Erica herself has an inspiring story and  shared a bit of it, she lives by the motto and also title of her book  “Faith it till you make it” which I think is so powerful! So to end my  quick recap, I truly enjoyed my time at “Erica’s Table of 20” and if you  get to chance to attend her next one PLEASE DO! I didn’t know a single  person there but I loved the fact I didn’t! Gave me the opportunity to  build new connections and meet individuals that have businesses in  Houston and are striving for a common goal! Success. 

So I leave you with this question and a few pictures  I was able to take of the event. What is your definition of success? 

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